Transit Strategic Plan

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Evolving WATA

What is Evolving WATA? 

Evolving WATA is an opportunity for residents, institutions, and leaders in the region to review, consider, and perhaps make a significant shift in the direction of its transit service over the next 10 years. Our brand combines the feel of WATA's current services with an upside blue triangle to represent our regional community identity as America's Historic Triangle. The name Evolving WATA was carefully chosen to reinforce the message that we are using this process to understand how we as a transit system can better adapt to the environment around us as it continues to grow and change. 

Since development and travel patterns change over time, it is important to take a step back, reassess goals, and think about the transit network holistically. This is an opportunity to assess whether the existing transit system is meeting the region’s mobility needs and, if not, how WATA might adjust to better meet the region’s goals. We will be reviewing and considering significant topics such as micro transit solutions and electric vehicles to name a few. 

This study will decide the future of transit services in our area and carefully considers the resources available to WATA. In the end we will demonstrate a clear understanding of where transit services may go in the future, when they should run, and how frequently routes will operate.

Where are we now

We are currently assessing our mission and vision statements. By understanding our goals as a transit agency and the goals of our partner communities, we want to develop a mission statement that represents the importance of transit in the region, while setting an attainable outlook for our future.

Some of the items we have already reviewed are included in the sections below:

Pre-Covid Network

Transit Network Concepts

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For questions or comments, please email Iyanla XO, Marketing and Administrative Specialist at or call the WATA offices at 757-220-5493.

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