Reading the Bus Schedule

How to Read Route Schedules

  1. Find the schedule corresponding to the bus line you wish to take.
  2. Determine the time points nearest the start and end of your trip. Not all stops are listed on the schedule. Your nearest stop may be in between the time points shown.
  3. Read down the columns to find out when buses serve each stop.
  4. Stop names will provide information about the stop.
Ex. 1000, N Boundary St. (at Williamsburg TC)
1000 - Represents the stop number. This can be used for arrival predictions.
N Boundary St. - Represents the road the stop is physically located on.
(at Williamsburg TC) - Represents a nearby landmark that can be used for reference.

On Time Performance

 In order for a bus to be considered as on time, it should depart from a stop at the time shown, no earlier than it is posted and up to 5 minutes after the posted time. This on time performance metric helps ensure that no customer is missed at a stop. 

Fixed Route Service

Services provided on a repetitive, fixed schedule basis along a specific route with vehicles stopping to pick up and deliver passengers to specific locations; each fixed route trip serves the same origins and destinations. WATA operates the following routes as Fixed Route Service:
Lee Hall, Richmond Rd, Merrimac Trl, Longhill Rd, Monticello, Jamestown, Mooretown Rd, William and Mary, Toano, Lackey, and Trolley.

Passenger Tips
  • Times listed are approximate. Please arrive at your departing stop about 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Traffic and weather may cause actual times to vary.
  • Please allow ample time to complete your trip.
  • For real-time arrival times, please visit any of our live trip planning applications. (Trip Planning)